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  • FNO
    For internal and external clamping
    Clamping diameter 5-75 mm
    With stroke adjustment for thin-
      walled workpieces
    Stroke can be adjusted from the
    No need to retrofit the machine tool

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    For external clamping
    For Schaublin collets type W and B
    Full capacity in the centre
    With stroke adjustment for thin-
      walled workpieces
    Stroke can be adjusted from the front
    Suitable for counter spindle, no axial
      stroke of the collet

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    KNCS-2G quick-jaws change chuck

    Low maintenance
    Maximum economy
    Sizes Ø 210 – 400 mm

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    Very compact form
    Large standard jaw range
    Good chip protection
    Suitable for clamping finished and
      unfinished parts

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    - Minimum dimensions (Ø 22 mm)
    - Partially immersed body
    - Space-saving integration by a
      patented fixing principle

    - Housing can be rotated by 360°
    - Mounting without pipes
    - Workpiece clamping without any
      side loads

    - Narrow clamping lever
    - Metallic wiper edge
    - Mounting position: any

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  • SinterGrip
    It doesn’t need a pre-machining
    on the workpiece, (as dovetail or others)

    It doesn’t require to use a new vise
       or other
    Exceptional stability of the workpiece
    No vibrations
    Minimum depth of the workpiece
       clamping: only 3.5 mm or 2 mm

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  • High precision power chuck type BP
    General use on standard lathes due to the
    through hole, but with advantage of minimum
    maintenance and use also in extreme environments

    Fully sealed
    Large through hole
    - Inch or metric serration
    Tongue & groove

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  • Pendelum Jaws type PJC

    Economical: Rapid changing
    times Large clamping diameters

    Precise: Constant high quality due
    to highest accuracy

    Low maintenance: Sealed: protected
    against the 
    penetration of dust and dirt

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  • Products

    Quad Extra: Permanent-electro magnetic system
    for milling

    Mill Tec Grip: 
    Permanent-electro magnetic system
    for milling

    MaxX: Magnetic lifter

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  • Neostar-NG

    - Aluminum body
    - 25% less weight!
    - 0-100% holding force adjustment
    - Available in ø 250 - 600 mm

    Flyer Neostar-NG
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  • SMW Autoblok
    Catalog 16E


  • - Highest repeatability and
       change-over accuracy
    - Automatic coupling of chuck in a
       single actuation
    - Large through hole
    - Optical control for the locking status

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  • Extra compact steady rest

    - Extra compact design
    - Large clamping range
    - Integrated cylinder
    - Integrated coolant flush
    - Highest centering accuracy

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We have many years of experience in clamping technology and offer a comprehensive range of clamping devices for various metal-cutting industries. In addition to the well-known products that we distribute in Switzerland, we manufacture a broad range of different collet chucks for a variety of machining tasks. We have all the equipment needed for customisations or clamping fixtures. We do everything we can to keep our customers satisfied. Do you have a project that you need to “get a grip of”? Then contact us and we will find a way to get you there.